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August 2011 - March 2012

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Heather Nova

The Heather Nova Online Magazine is a nonprofit organization and we try to popularize Heather Nova in the States so that she will be able to do a concert in the States too.

We hope to achieve our 'mission' by offering you the best you can get on the net and by providing you with lots of information about our idol & our figure head : Heather Nova, the shining star from Bermuda.

On our website you can find lot's of information about our figurehead Heather Nova and also about other interesting topics like science, world news, music, creativity etc.

Our forum has been disabled due to spam abuse until further notice.

Our forum has been disabled until further notice due to spam attacks.
It was no longer fun on our form with >30,000 spam messages.

This month: 4,190 visitors from the USA!

Written by Cynthia Fridsma

Since the beginning of our website, in 2001, I decided to dedicate the site for the Heather Nova fans in the United States due to lack of support for the people overseas.  In August 2011, I also decided to move the dedicated server from France to a web hosting company in Calnifornia (LA).  Furthermore, because we wanted to help a little with the economic crisis in the States. (The price we pay for the server in the States is the same as it was in France).

In 2011 we also changed the lay-out of our website, and this resulted in more visitors from the United States and in fewer visitors from Europe according to Google Analytics.

Nevertheless, we always have to keep in mind that google Analytics doesn't cover everything. This month statistics for our site indicate that we had 4,190 visitors from the USA.

I am glad that the Heather Nova Online Magazine still has a reason to exist, and we will continue our support for the people in the United States. Feel free to contact me if you have an idea how I can improve our service to provide you with the articles, topics and tools that you desire.

My email address is cynthia.fridsma@heathernova.us
(you can also contact me if you want to share a link with our website)

Google Analytics statistics
Worldwide visitors for the Heather Nova Online Magazine

Period : March 2012
Source : Google Analatics

Country populatiry
United States
Netherlands 88
United Kingdom
France 33
Germany 29

Top  10 United States Regions

City Populatiry
Ohio 22
Florida 21
Virginia 19
Michigan 18
Washington 10
New York 62
Illinois 50
California 35
New Jersey 34
Texas 34

Countries (Top 25) source : the statistics from our server  
  Countries Pages Hits Bandwidth  
us United States us 4,096 19,234 1.09 GB

ua Ukraine ua 3,293 3,602 292.19 MB

ru Russian Federation ru 2,548 3,794 229.73 MB

nl Netherlands nl 1,179 6,622 369.85 MB

gb Great Britain gb 1,000 2,273 135.17 MB

cn China cn 843 1,082 84.33 MB

cz Czech Republic cz 798 956 65.76 MB

de Germany de 709 1,505 329.29 MB

fr France fr 443 1,419 103.56 MB

pl Poland pl 250 632 64.76 MB

br Brazil br 166 170 7.10 MB

it Italy it 153 268 20.16 MB

za South Africa za 109 210 5.00 MB

se Sweden se 107 400 35.83 MB

eu European country eu 100 511 33.23 MB

ph Philippines ph 71 100 6.21 MB

be Belgium be 67 937 166.81 MB

ca Canada ca 65 623 48.18 MB

kr South Korea kr 62 146 5.66 MB

ro Romania ro 48 86 4.45 MB

il Israel il 46 215 41.86 MB

lv Latvia lv 44 64 5.86 MB

au Australia au 43 427 18.13 MB

th Thailand th 40 88 2.25 MB

ch Switzerland ch 39 523 51.35 MB

  Others 492 2928 169.01 MB  

Heather Nova Tourdates in 2012

Heather Nova - Written by Dan Darko -- 

The official German HEATHER NOVA fan web site names the following "300 Days At Sea" tour headliner gigs:  

March 18, 2012 Gent, 'Vooruit', Belgium 
March 25, 2012 Breda, 'Mezz', Netherlands 
Marh26, 2012 Hengelo, 'Metropool', Netherlands 
April 1, 2012 Hamburg, 'Markthalle', Germany 
April 2, 2012 Amsterdam, 'Paradiso', Netherlands.

Heather Nova on stage in Eindhoven (2011)

Picture of Heather Nova on stage in Eindhoven at the Effenaar on November 17, 2011.

Picture taken by Cynthia Fridsma
Heather Nova in Eindhoven
Picture of Heather Nova on stage in Eindhoven at the Effenaar on November 17, 2011.
Picture taken by Cynthia Fridsma

Picture of Heather Nova on stage in Eindhoven at the Effenaar on November 17, 2011.
Picture taken by Cynthia Fridsma


You can download this file heathernovainterviewhigh.mov 8298182 bytes (interview with Heather Nova on Belgium Television)

You can download this file message-from-heather.mov 2059139 bytes (Heather Nova talking about Bring the Elephant home)

You can download this file heathernova-live.mov 68487812 bytes (A complete live concert of Heather Nova)
More downloads can be found under the section "Downloads"
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