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The Heather Nova Online Magazine US edition for creative minds

Heather Nova Photo Gallery

Heather Nova The Heather Nova Online Magazine is a nonprofit unofficial website. Our office is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  

We call our site the Heather Nova Online Magazine US edition because we want to let the Heather Nova fans in the USA know that we're right with you! Heather doesn't do many gigs in the USA, and we want to give you an active voice! Our mission is to popularize Heather's music in the States so that she will be able to do gigs in the States too. 

We hope to achieve our mission by offering you the best you can get on the net and by providing you with lots of information about our idol & our figure head:  Heather Nova, the shining star from Bermuda. 

On our website, you can find lots of information about our figurehead Heather Nova and also about other interesting topics like science, world news, music, creativity, etc

Top 5 of most popular pages on our site

This is the top 5 of the most popular pages : 

1) Amelia Mary Earhart (time line) for kids 
2) Wikipedia 
3) Thanksginving, Christmas and New Year Poems 
4) The front page 
5) Downloads

PHP tutorial : PHP Highlight

Do you want to know how you can highlight your code within PHP? Then go to the section "Software & Education, PHP, PHP Highlight", were you can learn all about this handy PHP feature.

Fraudulent email alert!

written by Cynthia Fridsma 

Hello world, 

Today I received a fraudulent email that I had to check our server due to a MySQL failure. 

The email had a link to logon in the system. 

Everyone using that link to logon will leave his or her username and passaord in the log files on 
the fraudulent server. 

This is what the email looks like: 

CPanel Network Server Monitor wrote: 
> Message from CPanel Network Server Monitor, 08/03/2013 10:17:00: 

> Item: 

> Result: 
> Failure 

> Explanation: 
> ERROR: Opening connection to database, ADO error: Unspecified error MYSQL Server does not exist or access denied. 

> To resolve this issue, please, restart MySQL Server, using this URL: 

> http://leanneliakosphotographyblog.com/sys/cpanel/session-129373200012/index.php  

* Warning : do not fall for that!  *



Heather’s new single, “Save A Little Piece of Tomorrow” will officially be available today, on iTunes, in the U.S. and Canada. This will be the same edited version that will be serviced to Triple A radio in the states on Wednesday February 27th.

In conjunction with the new single, Heather's US and Canadian label, eOne, has secured a synch licensing deal with MTV Networks, for the entire "3OO Days..." album to be used for "music beds" across all of the MTV platforms. The first of which will be tonight at 1O pm central/9 pm eastern on the hugely rated "Snooki and JWOWW" episode 'Between A Rock and a Hard Place".

© article reprinted from heathernova.com

Heather's CD 'Heather Nova 300 days at sea


Heather Nova recorded live on June 7, 2013

Video streaming by Ustream

The old Heather Nova Flash site is back online!

written by Cynthia Fridsma 

There's some great news for those of you who liked the old nova flash site, because we decided to bring the site back to life. There's a reason for this: we started the Heather Nova Online Magazine in '01. In '03, I registered heathernova.us and this site was a fact! So this is our tenth anniversary and what is the best way to celebrate? To bring back some of that old magic we all know as multimedia! So we proudly present the old heathernova website that I created in '08. 

The flash site was online from '08 until '10, and now it's back with the original messages that Heather wrote...

the heather nova flash site 

* New release of Horizon QCMS *

written by Cynthia Fridsma 

Our Heather Nova Online magazine is powered by Horizon Quick Content Management System, which we also offer as open-source software on sourceforge.net because we believe in sharing information with the rest of the world. Now, after more than a year of developing we created a new stable version of Horizon QCMS: version 4. 

With Horizon QCSM it's simple to maintain a website... 

Huge thanks to Sanja Gjenero who gave us permission to use some of her photos for Horizon QCMS 4.0. 

Sanja is a great photographer, and you can check out her photos on http://www.rgbstock.com/gallery/lusi


  • Automatic Navigation
  • Youtube, GoogleMaps, GoogleTranslate and Facebook plug-ins
  • Uses MySQL database
  • PHP 5 application
  • Powered with the best WYSIWYG editor: Xihna.
  • Support for URL rewrites.
  • The possibility to create members only webpages
  • Change the layout of your site with a blink of an eye
  • Password recovery tool
  • Change userlevels or block users
  • Change the layout of a web page, so that you can have different layouts for the same website...
  • Support for various multimedia files, including MP3 and MP4,
  • It's now possible to insert your own PHP code in an article.
Horizon QCMS 4.0
You can download it on our sourceforge.net pages at http://sourceforge.net/projects/hnqcms/ 

If you have any questions related to Horizon QCMS than, please contact cynthia@heathernova.us or visit the Wiki pages on the official Horizon QCMS website at http://www.hnqcms.com/wiki/ 

Horion QCMS 4.0 trailer 

We decided to start our own Facebook page, our facebook page can be found on http://www.facebook.com/HeatherNovaOnlineMagazineForCreativeMinds

Videos of Amelia Earhart 

I've added a few videos on our site about Amelia Earhart, including a documentary. 

Go to the section "Highlights, Amelia Earhart, Videos" to see the videos.

I miss my sky

I've added the I miss my sky video from Heather on our site. 

Go to the section "Highlights, Amelia Earhart, I miss my sky" to see the video.  

Heather Nova tweets on the Online Magazine

Go to the section "Heather Nova Tweets" to read the tweets, written by Heather Nova. 

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Please keep in mind that the translation isn't perfect, and it doesn't work on the Wikipedia page. 





























 We won the PWA award

PWA stands for Popular Website Awards and the Heather Nova Online Magazine won this award. This is the second time, after 2003, that we win an award, and we're proud that we are selected by the Awards Manager of http://www.popularwebsiteawards.com

If you want to verify our website than you will see the following message: 

The website http://www.heathernova.us is a verified winner of our award. 

They have been awarded as the #1 Popular site in their segment, based on feedback collected from a large sample of their users. 

Webmaster tips and tricks

Perhaps sometimes you wonder where do the visitors come from and which webpages are of the most interest to your audience? I wrote a short article titled: 

How to monitor your site performance?

Written by Cynthia Fridsma  

Google Analytics is a great tool, but Google Analytics doesn't show you all the details you might need to keep your website interesting to your audience, and that's when you can use PHP to measure your site.   

If you really want to know what's happening on your site, then you can use PHP and MySQL to track your site.  

First, you need to create a MySQL database to store the referring URLs.  

Go to the section "Creativity, Webdesign tips, PHP tips and tricks" to read the complete article.

Do you want to help us to keep this site alive?

written by Cynthia Fridsma  

Hosting a website like the Heather Nova Online Magazine cost a lot of money. This price for the server is $ 900.00 a year. We host the site by a company in the USA because we also want to support the USA. We want to keep the site alive, and you can help us with that by opening your own homepage on our website for  $ 10.00 a year.   

What will you get? You will get a homepage powered by the latest version of Horizon QCMS, including a dozen templates to choose from. Your homepage will be automatically ranked by a dozen search engines and best of all: by ordering a homepage you're also supporting the Heather Nova Online Magazine to keep our site alive. We will also donate  $ 1.00 from each purchase to the World Wildlife Foundaion. 

More information about the World Wildlife Foundation can be found on http://www.worldwildlife.org/ 

About Horizon QCMS, version 4. 

- Full Facebook support  
- Simple gallery, to share your photos with the rest of the world  
- Full support for YouTube.  
- Full support for various multimedia files, including mp3, flash and mp4.  
- Your personal access code  

Click here for a free demo of Horizon QCMS version 3.5.1 

The username for the demo is admin, the password is : demo123 

Did you know that the Heather Nova Online Magazine is powered by Horizon QCMS? Well, now you do!  
Do you want to know how a homepage will look under the umbrella of the Heather Nova Online Magazine? Go to my personal homepage on "http://user.heathernova.us/cynthia/"   

Heather Nova live at Paradiso on April 2, 2012

Picture of Heather Nova on stage in Amsterdam at Paradiso on April 2, 2012. 
All pictures are taken by Cynthia Fridsma.  

You can click with your mouse on an image to start a slideshow. 
Heather Nova in Amsterdam 

Voyager 1 Reaches Final Boundary Before Interstellar Space

The Voyager 1, operated by the U.S. space agency NASA, has entered a newly discovered region at the edge of the solar system, and is close to crossing a final boundary into instellar space. 

Scientists are calling this region between between the solar system and deep space the "magnetic highway." 

Astronomers say Voyager is still under the influence of our Sun, but that it has reached an area in which highly charged energy particles from interstellar space are beginning to stream in. 
Project scientist Edward Stone of the California Institute of Technology says astronomers did not previously know about this final boundary discovered by Voyager.   

More information can be found on http://www.voanews.com


You can download this file heathernovainterviewhigh.mov 8298182 bytes (interview with Heather Nova on Belgium Television) 

You can download this file message-from-heather.mov 2059139 bytes (Heather Nova talking about Bring the Elephant home) 

You can download this file heathernova-live.mov 68487812 bytes (A complete live concert of Heather Nova) More downloads can be found under the section "DownloadsLetters to the Editor

Send your comments to letters@heathernova.us

With as subject "Heather Nova Online" 
All other messages will be ignored. 

Thank you!


Attention: in order to improve our site performance, we decided to move 
the Newsfeeds from Reuters to the "News Service". 

Heather Nova live in London on 2011

Heather Nova Live At John Lennon Tribute

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