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Scam warning

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Written by Cynthia Fridsma
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Amsterdam, November 8, 2006

On January 2006, I wrote an article about the Ncards organization concerning an Anti-discrimination conference in USA and Dubai .

And this organization still operates and be warned: it’s a scam to steal your money, because the organization is fake! On October 23, I received an email from someone who almost became a victim of this fake organization. They were about to send 6 people from their organization to Dubai for the first International Conference Against Racism and Discrimination!!!

But they were just in time to stop the transaction and decided to check things first and came across my previous article about the scam.

They call themselves now: the World Conference against Racism and Discrimination instead of the National Conference and I decided to publish their email on our site as a warning for everyone not to fall for this fake organization! Don't fall for messages from an organization with the name : WCARD!!!

---- email from an almost victim of the scam --------------

Dear Cynthia

Greetings from Cairo, Egypt. I am a woman from Egypt who works as the Director of Training at Freedom Drug and HIV/AIDS program in our country. We were about to send 6 people from our organization (and pay for their accommodations in Dubai) to the first International Conference Against Racism and Discrimination!!!
Somehow few minutes before transferring the money through western union, we decided to stop and check these people more. We did not find the hotels they mentioned were in Dubai. The man who answered our calls seemed hesitant and was not even sure of the address of the hotel that he was supposed to be working at. We had searched the internet for such an organization earlier and found nothing. While looking again this morning we came aross your article and were amazd at what happened to you and the similarity of the e-mails. The only thing that they changed was calling themselves the World Conference against Racism and Discrimination instead of the the National Conference.
Please find attached a copy of the e-mail they sent to us. The e-mail was forwarded to me by the Executive director of Freedom Egypt. I am sorry for those people who will fall for this scam and I really don't know how to help more. Thank you again because of your wisdom at deciding to write about what happened with you. We were saying that checking the domains was a very smart move from your side.

Note: forwarded message attached.

---- email attached ----- - -
Subject: FW: Anti-discrimination in USA and Dubai: CONFERENCE INVITATION.
Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2006 07:24:56 -0500

I know you ll be interested to go to this conference. Please fill the required data and pursue it. I am not going so you will represent us.

Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006 11:33:47 +0100 (BST)

Dear Colleagues,
It is with great enthusiasm we are the members of WORLD CONFERENCE AGAINST RACISM AND DISCRIMINATION.(WCARD) in United States invites organizations, youths and youth-focused organizations to take an active role in the forthcoming International conferences taking place in the United States and in U.A.E (Dubai). The first international conference on Racism and Discrimination will take place from 20 to November 2006 North Henderson city Kentucky USA.Have its theme as, while the second phase conferences, which will take place in United Arab Emirates U.A.E (Dubai) on, LEARN AND PREVENTION and STOP HIV/AIDS INFECTION NOW are also on the topics. This conference will begin on 27th-30th November 2006. We believe this is an incredible opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and organizations in the promotion and development of proactive youth involvement and healthy environment in our communities. I am the chairman organizing committee of the above coming events. We picked your e-mail address from the website forwarded to us by the Arabian,Asian,and African Students Association in the U.S.Our independents donors will finance all round flight tickets, feeding and accommodation throughout the conference in the United States for all participants. The organizing committees will process U.S visas for all participants requiring visas to the United States. The visa will be processed and authorized in the United States by the U.S Bureau of citizenship and immigration services, a Bureau of U.S Department of Homeland security. The confirmation will be sent by fax to the U.S Embassy in your country and a copy will be also faxed to the participants.

We are only giving rooms for existing and active organizations to participate in these events as chance are limited. We therefore ask your organization if they will participate to forward the following information’s about their organization
1) Aims and objectives of the Organization.
2) Organization’s profile
3) Achievements.

Send your response to the secretary organizing committee to apply for participating in these events. Only four or five members will be allowed to participate from each of the selected countries. Individuals who do not belong to any organization but are interested to participate should form a group of five people and forward their names and passport numbers to the secretary.

Prof.Phillip Straw

Telefax +13146898909.
Dr Martins Powell
Chairman organizing committee