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Issue # 41, March 4, 2004

* Subject: potentials, names and hail
* Subject: names

Date: 3/2/2004 22:17:15 +0100
From: "axel"
Subject: potentials, names and hail

Hi All
>"The current usage of perfect seems to have the feel of: "to make absolutely
without flaw", perhaps if you viewed perfection more in the sense of : "to
bring up to full potential" without the burden of being "flawless", it
might help ...."<
Hey..... who wrote that, was that you Darren? That's a great thought (conceptualisation) to
think over ....My heaven .... i would like i'd heard that words before.... they DO have explanatory power / potential!

Thanks, man !!! Dammit ... i had this way of saying earlier .....

On a lighter note. No-one on this list knows Heather and Felix "se babatjies naam:"
But we all know the parents know for the best.
So lets make a poll just because:
I suggest the name will be eh eh.... Bermudus, or eh ehe Cynthius, or maybe Healix, and he will be an actor it the next Star Trek series playing the successor of Capt Janeway and Nelix the cook.

Hey hey, and the American painter Hilary Wallis who just returned from Vietnam asked me
to burn a young Heather Bootleg cd (the Hamburg tracks, just young Heather and Nadia).
Who would not do that for such an artist?

And then there is Perry's quest about sharing physical reactions, Maybe .... oh well, you know me Perry...rain in the eyes, hail through the hart ... sometimes ....

1. Born to shine:
"Was plain to see right from the start
You truly are a work of art
I knew the rest would see in time
That Baby you were born to shine"
2. "Die vuur's geblus, Die Storm het bedaar;
sonder woorde is ek baie deurmekaar"
(Karen Zoid in 1.Born to shine and 2 Deurmekaar; both on her album "Casing
the Sun")

bye for now
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Date: 3/3/2004 10:49:45 +0100
From: "axel"
Subject: names

oh ...
and the baby's stage name could be:

Healix Novus