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* Subject :I apologize
* Subject: web site update and price drop in t-shirts
* Subject: Fantastic new soul singer!
* Subject: Re: , issue # 38
* Subject: RE: , issue # 38
* Subject: baby
* Subject: Re: , issue # 38

Date: 2/25/2004 15:27
From: "Cynthia Fridsma"
Subject :I apologize

Amsterdam, February 25, 2004.

Dear all,

I have to apologize to you all because there has not been an update for quite a
while by now caused by personal reasons that has nothing to do with the list, but
all with private matters that gave me the ‘goose bumps’.

Nevertheless, now everything is fine and I feel good, even better than ever!

I also found some interesting articles on the internet with interviews from Heather.
You can click on this URL to hear the interview dat Heather did on an Irish radio
station during her South tour.

The URL is : rtsp://

Heather also had an interview at the AOL studios to promote her South album in the states.
She had also an acoustic live performance in the studio. Click with your mouse on the
following URL:


You need Real Audio player to hear the interviews, you can download your free basic version via Real media at

I have also some great news according the CD-project that I started:
I have placed a free ad on a Dutch musician site to interest them for
the HN-project and I have found a singer. She came over to my place in Amsterdam
last Monday and she is going to sing one of Heather’s song from the Storm album and one
song that I wrote.

I have also a recording session with an American guitarist - his name is Alex - and did a song that I wrote on which he sings the lyrics. As you know: I am a terrible singer for my self.

I am still searching for more fans to do a gig for the album. I will put a shareware version
of CoolEdit on the HN Online Magazine that you can use for twenty-one days that enables
you to do multi track recordings and create MP3 files that you can send over for the project.

I will also publish the instrumental version of “How do I do this’, written by Lucky (if he agrees of course) and you can ask for the lyrics directly to me so that you can try to do a ‘voice over’ on the song (to sing the lyrics).

More news about Heather :

As you all know by now, Heather gave birth to a son on January 26, 2004. On the official HN site they wrote:

Breaking News: Heather's baby born
Posted February 2nd, 2004
Heather's baby boy was born on Monday January 26th in King Edward's Hospital in Bermuda. Both the mother and the baby are fine. The baby's weight is 8 lbs and 12 oz (about 4 Kg). Congratulations, Heather!

Does anyone know the name of Heather’s child?

Well that is it for now,

I hope that you accept mine apologizes regarding the list and I promise to do
better in the future.

Take care, enjoy the HN interviews and keep in touch,

Cynthia Fridsma

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Date: 2/1/2004 01:25:19 +0100
From: "Perry"
Subject: web site update and price drop in t-shirts

i was just over at looking for news and i see there
are some changes. First thing, there are now more articles listed /

and it's older stuff, including the text from the Work Group's Oyster
Press Kit from 1995, but some articles out of magazines and stuff
from a couple of CD's. neat.

and the second thing is, the t-shirts have dropped in price by 5 Euros.

i think i'm gonna get me a pink one. just because. (and who says guys
can't wear pink?)

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Date: 1/30/2004 12:40:08 +0100
From: "Erik"
Subject: Fantastic new soul singer!

Hi all!

A bit OT, but since I do not have any Heather news,
and I think many of you will appeciate this
I have to tell you about an amazing young
soul/RnB-singer called Joss Stone!

If you got Flash, you can listen to samples
from her album here:

I like it A LOT!!


Avslöjad! Rolig feature - se anonymt vad folk söker på Lycos Sök:

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Date: 1/29/2004 14:52:22 +0300
From: "Dmytriy"
Subject: Re: , issue # 38

Song "Drink it in" is about Heather`s brother as she said so at her concert touring in
the UK. Regards

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Date: 1/27/2004 00:37:10 +0000
From: "Darren"
Subject: RE: , issue # 38

>Date: 1/26/2004 12:30:51 +01:00
>From: "Cyntiha Fridsma"
>Subject : re About the mailing list (and some trivial comments)
>Colin Bowdidge wrote :
> > What's happened to this mailing list? There used to be several
> > postings a day, and now we're lucky if there's one a week.
> > I get the feeling there's just a skeleton crew of us left
> > here. Cynthia? Is there an answer?
>Dear Colin, I appreciate your worries about the mailing list but I can
>assure you that there is nothing wrong with the mailing list. The mailing
>depends on the participation from the fans, if no one sends something, then
>will not receive a new list.

As well as this mailing list run by Cynthia, there is *daily* activity on
Novaforums (, although I appreciate a lot of people
prefer the "mailing list" format to a "forum....

It's been commented on Nova, by those who even post regularly, that there's
"not much new" happening in the Heather Nova world; I'd disagree with this,
for one obvious and private reason...;-)

As well as what happens on Nova, there *could* be discussions on things we
enjoy, example, the lyrics on the albums for one....

>Sure I can send in messages’ everyday but then it would not be more
>a 'newsletter' from the online magazine instead of the list like it is
>a unique and independent cooperation between and
>As for last week:
>You are properly aware that I am going to marry with Gerard and I was busy
>with planning my wedding, choosing a location, dress, and the guest list.
>I hope that I've informed you enough?

I hope everything goes very well Cynthia

>Date: 1/16/2004 21:59:00 -0500
>From: "Colin"
>Subject: About the mailing list (and some trivial comments)
>What's happened to this mailing list? There used to be several
>postings a day, and now we're lucky if there's one a week.
>I get the feeling there's just a skeleton crew of us left
>here. Cynthia? Is there an answer?

Read previous comments above.... For anything to succeed, effort must be put

>"GOOSEBUMPS" and other physical symptoms!
>In issue #32, Perry said " I, currently, like fool for you, and
>for quite a while now, best of all from that album - gives me
>goosebumps everytime i hear it". Well Fool For You does stuff
>for me too except it's not goosebumps - it's more like
>something turning over in the upper part of my stomach.
>An extraordinarily pleasant sensation, and not one that
>I remember experiencing before. The Storm gives me goosebumps
>though (so do some of Van Morrison's songs). Anyone else want
>to share their physiological responses to music?
>In issue #33 (in response to my petty carping about why Storm
>wasn't perfect), Darren said: "For example, "Drink it In"
>isn't about HER, but her brother, who she obviously cares an
>awful lot about, otherwise you wouldn't have had such an
>emotionally-charged brilliant song". So how did you know
>this Darren? I've listened carefully to the words and I
>can't see anything there that would point to who it's about.

Putting "two-and-two" together isn't very hard, Colin, when you listen to
the "Crossing Border" spoken poetry show (Heather reading from her book,
"the sorrowjoy"), listen and read the various interviews that Heather has
done, and if you were lucky enough to see some of the gigs on the Storm
tour, it was pretty clear who the song is about... one of the most brilliant
emotive melodious songs this Darren has ever heard...

>MEANWHILE, here in the land of snow, Storm keeps getting
>better with repeated listenings - but it still isn't perfect.
>I still maintain it's too restrained for its own good.

It perhaps depends then, on your definition of "perfect"? A lot of people
spend their lives looking for / seeking out perfection, without always a
clear idea of what that actually means. Like searching for a God, or the
"perfect partner"...

The current usage of perfect seems to have the feel of: "to make absolutely
without flaw", perhaps if you viewed perfection more in the sense of : "to
bring up to full potential" without the burden of being "flawless", it might

Also, if you're suggesting Storm *gets better* with "repeated" listenings,
perhaps "perfection" is waiting for you to reach it

>OK I'm just old fashioned I suppose and I don't think music is
>really music if has anything other than guitars, bass and drums.
>Harmonicas are good, and I'll put up with "keyboards".
>Somebody should probably euthanise me!

But then you wouldn't be able to wax lyrical about something you care

Express yourself with cool new emoticons

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Date: 1/26/2004 22:24:06 +0000
From: "Mr Tarquin"
Subject: baby

Hey any news on the "baby"?

i'm hoping Heather and Felix have a girl. If not, then a boy.


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Date: 1/26/2004 16:18:32 +0100
From: "Perry"
Subject: Re: , issue # 38


> Sure I can send in messages’ everyday but then it would not be more a
> 'newsletter' from the online magazine instead of the list like it is
> nowadays: a unique and independent cooperation between
> and

well... it would be nice to get the messages within a certain time
frame (lets say within two, max 3 days) after someone posts, that
way, when replied (if that is what you intend) to a topic, that topic
wouldn't be all dried out and / or mummified.

actually, IMHO it would be better to get it like the old list
(when it was working properly) - once a day, right after midnight,
all the posts that had accumulated for the day.

and so, Cynthia is STILL getting married? After all this time? Good
lord. A prince Gerard may be, but a slow one huh? OK, my advice: you
all should pick a holiday to get married on. That way, two years from
now, Gerard won't forget it (;-)... 'cause you know how fickle and
forgetful men are.... Seeing how Gerard is an accountant (or
controller?), i would think you all would chose 29 Feb, so he can
save money and only give anniversary presents once every four years
(just a joke Cynthia....don't throw things at me!!!!!)

April 1 would be cool, too. Har, har!

FYI - we married ( by accident, not by design ) on the 6 of June (D-
Day), and if you want, you can have fun with that, too. I do, anyway.
Wife is German and i am American so every year we get to re-celebrate
the invasion ( or infection ) of "Fortress" Europe....