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JULY 2003

Simple and free

Written by Cynthia Fridsma

Date : July 29, 2003

My brother Erwin invited me and Gerard for a trip accross the chanels of Oostzaan, a small village near by Amsterdam.

The trip on the canals was wunderfull and made me think about Heathers album "Glowstars" where she starts with the song "Bare". Heather's first words in this song are:
"I wanna be where the sky is big .... simple and free" reminds me of the boat trip.

I created a videoclip which you can see on our site, with Heather's song "Bare" on the background.

We will also create a second video next week about the dunes and the North sea, inspired by Heather's song "Island" that you can hear on her Oyster Album.

Click here to watch the video and enjoy the sights


Video editing

You can read the article about "video editing" if you want to know more about the
basics of video editing and if you want to know where you can download the software
that you need to do the job on your CPU.

Just go to the section "Creativity" and choose for "Video editing"


U Lead Media Studio Pro 7 You can edit your own video with Ulead Software

Tribute to the first lady of Hollywood

We have completed our "mission" to create a tribute page for Katharina Hepburn.

The tribute also includes a cooperation with the NY-Times (read all about this on the section above) and you can also see a trailer from one of Katharina's movies from 1940.

Read more about this in the article "First Lady of Hollywood" and don't forget to signup for a free membership for the NY-Times so that you will be able to read the NY-Times contribution to the tribute.

Finding Nemo

The internet is a great resource because you can find a lot of information and we decided to share this information with our visitors. Now we have included a nice movie trailer about the latest Disney movie "Finding Nemo".

You can check it out under the section "News, Hollywood, Finding Nemo"

The last Samurai

Tom Cruise did a new movie titled "The last Samurai."

We found the trailer on the internet and decided to share it with you.

You can check it out under the section "News, Hollywood, The last Samurai"