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February 13, 2006

Welcome on the Heather Nova Online Magazine, the place on the Internet where you can find all the information you want with a simple click of your mouse.

We're a nonprofit organization and try to offer you the best on the net and we provide you with lots’ of information about your idol : Heather Nova, the shining star from Bermuda.

P.s. go to the .Info site if you want to discuss the fact why this website has an US domain.


Send a Valentine to your lover

Picture created by Hugues Cousin  . Click on the picture to send it as a postcard to your friends ;-)

Picture created by Hugues Cousin  . Click on the picture to send it as a postcard to your friends ;-)


Want to see other postcards? Go to the section "Postcards" and pick one for yourself!

A conference scam invitation - beware

Written by Cynthia Fridsma

Dear all,

Two weeks ago I received the following email that I almost believed, but it is a scam!

Don't fall for it!

The message is as follows:

Subject: Special Invitation

1735 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Suite 600
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: +1 - 3146898909
Fax: +1 - 9165605975 / Email:

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great enthusiasm we are the members of NATIONAL CONFERENCE AGAINST RACISM DISCRIMINATION AND SAFETY.(NCARDS) in United States invites organizations, youths and youth-focused organizations to take an active role in the forthcoming International conference taking place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The forthcoming conference with the topics Racism and Discrimination, Students Against Destructive Decision and Stop HIV/AIDS infection, Global Conference Against Violence and Terrorism, Political, social economic problems in Africa and Asia countries will take place on 13th to 17th Febuary,2006 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We believe this is an incredible opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and organizations in the promotion and development of proactive youth involvement and healthy environment in our communities. I am one of the regional oganizers of the above coming events. We picked your e-mail address from the website forwarded to us by the Arabian and African Students Association in the U.S.A.

Go to the secion "News, Scam" to read the rest of this email including my response...


We receive a lot of spam, sometimes even a computer virus. It's time to strike back!

message from Heather

From: "Perry Black"
Subject: message from Heather

(been quiet a long time, have i not? too busy making ends meet to
babble is like that, sometimes)

BTW I just saw this message up on


Message from Heather - January 27th

hello everyone

as you can see from the schedule, i will be doing a small tour in
march. i am very much looking forward to it as it will be something
different for me: it will be a very stripped down show with just
violinist fiona pears - who played with me at shepherds bush in
london in september - and ian tilley on piano accompanying me.

i am planning to play a lot of songs that i have never played live
before, as well as of course some old favourites.

at the moment i am working on "the sorrowjoy" cd - a recording of the
poems with ambient music, that will be available at the gigs only.

hope to see you there!



and here's wishing you goosebumps!

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The video section is now an online resource for movie lovers

The latest movies in our database:

Hellraiser - Hellseeker

Kirsty Cotten (Ashley Laurence) is now grown up and married to Trevor Gooden (Dean Winters). Her memory of the events that took place back at her parent's home and the mental institution have dimmed, but she is still traumatized. One fateful day, the two get into a fatal car crash, killing Kirsty. Now, Trevor finds himself in a strange world full of sexy women, greed and murder, making him believe he may be in hell. He follows the clues all the way to Pinhead (Doug Bradley).


In a teen chat room, Genevieve Gage (Linda Cardellini), the teenager daughter of detective Mike Gage (Kevin Gage) is invited to a blind date by the cool Capt Howdy (Dee Snider). The guy is indeed a pierced a schizophrenic sick and sadistic maniac, and he kidnaps Genevieve and her friend Tiana Moore (Amal Rhoe). He submits the girls and other adolescents to tortures. When the body of Tiana is found, Mike hunts Capt Howdy and puts him in jail first and then he is sent to a mental ...


Summer of fear

A country family of five takes in cousin Julia, whose parents recently perished in a car crash. Julia extends her influence over the family and those around them, fooling all except for Rachel, the teenaged girl who knows her cousin is up to no good.

This movie was a terrible mistake from me buying it. Don't make the same mistake as I did since this movie is a complete waste of time.



Going back

This is a fairly morbid yet emotional war drama, starring Caper Van Dien and Carrie Otis. It is about a group of ex vietnam soldiers re-visiing aold battle gorunds years after the war. THye re-live memories of the war and remember things that they had tried to forget.

The film doesn't delve into the cliche bucket to many times as war films usually do and the script is fairly good. The actors perform well in some good roles but Casper Van Dien, who...


All the little animals

Bobby Platt is a mentally slow young man who escapes an abusive, hateful stepfather who has killed his pets one by one. To save himself, Bobby runs away and meets a strange old man who wanders the highways to bury roadkill animals. Bobby becomes the old man's apprentice and learns to see the world of nature in a strange idyllic way. But soon the shadow of his stepfather catches up to him and Bobby's world explodes into a grotesque nightmare. ...


Go to the section "Video" to find out more. Here you can watch some trailers too if you want

New postcards!

Posted December 29, 2005 4:30 pm by admin
Renata van Gool was kind enough to share four beautiful photos with us from Norway and Indonesia for the postcard service, go to the section "Postcards, Landscape, Holiday" to see the photos/postcards, and Hugues Cousin created some beautiful happy new year cards to share with us, go to the section "Postcards, Fun, Happy new year" to see Hugues creation.

Renata and Hugues,

Thank you very much on behalf of the fans.


Photo by Renata van Gool Indonesia


Learn to play "Walk this world" from Heather Nova 

Want to play guitar?

Written by Cynthia Fridsma

If you don't know how to play Heather's song "Walk this world" on guitar than here's your chance! Because I've created an interactive course how to play this clasic song from Heather.

Go to the section "Creative, Guitar lessons, Interactive".

Have fun!


Picture created by Hugues Cousin  . Click on the picture to send it as a postcard to your friends ;-)

Tourdates 2006

Heather Nova - 2006 tour dates

Heather Nova will embark on a short spring tour in 2006. The tour dates are as follows:

March 13 Zurich, Switzerland Kongresshaus
March 14 Antwerp, Belgium Arenbergschouwburg
March 15 Gent, Belgium Vooruit
March 17 Luxembourg, Luxembourg Den Atelier
March 18 Roeselare, Belgium De Spil
March 19 Groningen, Netherlands De Oosterpoort
March 20 Amsterdam, Netherlands Pepsi Stage
March 24 Leuven, Belgium Het Depot
March 25 Tongeren, Belgium De Velinx

Article reprinted on this website courtesy of


Heather Nova on 

Heather Nova on Myspace

Did you know that Heather is also on MySPace? Well... now you know. You can find her myspace page at

Message from Heather

Message from Heather - December 3, 2005

Hello all

just wanted to tell you that the Together as One EP I have made for the Bermuda Sloop Foundation is now available. The cd consists of 3 songs and some dvd footage of me singing onboard the 'Amistad' in Bermuda.

The title track, Together as One, is the song I wrote specifically for the Foundation, which hopefully captures the spirit and adventure of sailing which is such a part of our heritage here. Sail On is a beautiful poem written by my father that I put to music. There is also a live version of I Wanna Be Your Light recorded at Union Chapel in London.

All proceeds will go to the Bermuda Sloop Foundation, which is a sail training vessel that will give amazing opportunity and life experience to Bermuda's youth. Please go to their website to buy the cd.

May you all have a peaceful and happy holiday season.


Article reprinted on this website courtesy of

Heather Nova Tourdates 2006

Written by Perry Black
hello everyone!

oooooh. how nice! Heather starts her new tour "march" in March.....(;-) and here are the dates:.
13 March 2006 Kongresshaus Zürich, Switzerland

14.March 2006 Arenberg Schouwburg Antwerpen, Belgien

17.March 2006 Den Atelier Luxemburg, Luxemburg

19.March 2006 De Oosterpoort Groningen, NL

24.March 2006 Het Depot Leuven, BE

25.March 2006 DV DeVelinx Tongeren, BE

Now some of these dates are unconfirmed BUT some places are already selling tickets - so get yours now!!!
(and a great big DONKEYSCHOEN to the folks at for letting me know about this!)

and here's wishing you goosebumps...

Postcard service with a new layout

I decided to make the postcard service more attractive to you, since almost no one is using the postcard service. Why is beyond me because the service was a success last year if I look at the statistics.

Now I gave the postcard service the same look and feel as the rest of our website. I hope that more people will use the postcard facilities since it's free and if you want to send some pictures yourself to be used in the service than feel free to send them to me at
I assure you that I will give you all the credits for each picture you send!

Feel free to check it out and go to the section “Send a postcard.”


The postcard service has now the same look and feel as the rest of our web sites.

Heather live at Pukkelpop

Written by Cynthia Fridsma

Heather gave a concert on August 20 at the Pukkelpop festival in Belgium and Bernd Wenisch from HeatherNova-info.COM created a video impression from this event.

With thanks to Bernd you are able to see Heather live at the Pukkelpop festival.

Go to the section "Multimedia, Videoclips, Pukkelpop" to see the video clip.

P.S. you will need the QuickTime Player to see the video.


Heather at the Pukkelpop festival


Heather at the Pukkelpop festival 

Bring the elephant home!

Date: 8/25/2005 17:50:44 +0200
Subject: Bring the elephant home!

Hello fans,

I would like to stress out Heather's involvement with the Bring the elephant home campaign. Please take a look at these two links to learn about the project and Heather's involvment.

Antoinette and her crew will have this big party/auction in Blijburg aan Zee on September 3rd, which will help raise money for the project. On that day they will auction the items donated by Heather, so I hope that many fans from the area will decide to go there and support the project.

But also fans from around the World are able to donate through the website! So let's get into action and let's bring the elephants home
at the sound of Heather's music! :-)




Bring the elephant home

New members

New members for our mailing list.

Thier user names are : hugues, tori, olaniyi, robert_paats, skykid, faganzol and Christie

hugues worte:
comments: hugues,34 years old, french fan of the beatles, neil young and of course heather.

she is like a hurricane when her music came into my life she has got the most beautiful voice
across the universe.....

faganzol wrote:
They are a few heather fans in Spain. I would like to promote her in this country and get to increase Spanish Heather Nova fans...

You are all more than welcome!

Become a member to and go to the section "Mailing list". Stay in touch with other fans and best of all: a membership is free!