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To be joined together in marriage


To be joined together in marriage

Here you can see a few photos from me and Gerard that my sister-in-law took at ‘Dubrovnik’ in Amsterdam.

my 'prince' Gerard


You can imagine that I was very impressed seeing Gerard as my ‘fairytale' prince. Gerard made his approach with Heather's album 'Storm' on the background which really was the 'final touch' during that evening.

The rings


Our engagement sealed by two rings.

Joined together


‘Wow, a real engagement ring , doesn’t it look lovely?’

I felt like a princess in our ‘fairy-tale'


I felt like being part of a dream while Gerard made me his ‘princess' and completed the ‘fairytale' with a crown on my head.

And I became 'princess' for one day.


I was overwhelmed by joy and happiness, which reminds me of Heather's book 'the Sorrowjoy'. Don't forget, for those of you who aren't aware of it, that my first friend committed suicide in 1997 which was the sorrow for me. And now . . . finally the joy!

Nothing heals me like you do


Gerard is my 'London Rain' lover. You know Heather's song 'London Rain' where Heather sings: Nothing heals me like you do. Well it's true, if you're really in love than the only person in life can make you happy and I 'Walk this world' (also written by Heather Nova) also ment something special for me because it comfort me 'all the way', before I met Gerard.