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Birthday song for Heather
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Birthday song to Heather

Written by Cynthia Fridsma

I am also a creative woman and Heather is one of my most important inspirations when it comes to creative content.

And because of her Birthday on July 7, I decided to write a song about Heather.


Dedicated to Heather

The song is dedicated to Heather and below you find the lyrics.

Happy birthday Heather

---- Lyrics and music written by Cynthia Fridsma ---

Every day, you get older
Seeing the flowers
Watching at children
They play a game
There's no one on their way
While you go to another day

Every season
You hear the birds sing
Listen to their song
It's their way to greet a new day
Just come along
While they are on their way

Looking over the ocean
While the wind cries Heather
Looking at the sky
It just a beautiful weather

There is so much to go for
So many things to see now
Listen your songs
That I hear on the radio
While you have to go
Playing your role in a show

Doing a tour in Europe
Far away from family
But you are not alone

Cause So many people love you
So many people adore you
you know it's true
They admire you

Oh Heather
You are wonderful
Nobody is ever gonna forget you

While your heart sings a song
You share feelings
Emotions in a song
You know where to go
Just listen to your heart beat
It’s the right rhythm of life
You make things so bright

While you are on your way
No matter where you stay
That's why I wish you a happy birthday

Here you can hear it on MP3

I made a promise that I would share the song with Heather and her fans.

Just click on "birthday.mp3" to hear the song (if you got a MP3 player).

If you haven't got one, than you can download one at

birthday.mp3 [2.762 KB]