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Written by Cynthia Fridsma

March 29, 2004

Running a site is not an easy task to do. Sure, creating a page is not so hard nowadays, even if you are not familiar with HTML because you can download several software tools to ease the job.
Another thing is that you have to keep in mind that not everybody uses Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Some people still use Netscape (I am one of them) or even use Opera to surf the net. I am getting tired of sites that are not compatible with my browser, it really is annoying and I will not visit such a site a second time around.


Do not use frames

I also recommend that you do not use frames either. They can be annoying and are not compatible with search engines. This might result in losing visitors who use search engines to reach out for the topics they want.

Donít make your picture bigger than 30 Kb

Using pictures is a good thing, but keep in mind that not everybody has broadband internet. There are plenty of people who still use a 56K modem connection and they will not stay long on your site if it takes hours to see your page. Don’t make your picture bigger than 30 Kb.

avoid splash screens

It is also therefore that you should not create a site entirely in flash and try to avoid ‘splash screens’ they are annoying for your visitors. Same goes for popup screens!

Plan your homepage first on paper and think about a good navigation structure too. Don’t use underline text or give your text a blue color. Why? Well because the blue color and underline text is often associated with hyperlinks.

Don’t fall asleep after you have done the job. Be aware that some information might not be relevant anymore if you do not update your site regularly and you have to find ways to improve your site. Always stay alert and look critical about your design.