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Fostex announce the demise of digital audio tape

Well, in their opinion at least. Fostex USA's latest product, the DV40 Master Recorder, has been designed specifically to replace DAT technology as a mastering format.

Fostex' Rick Cannata explains. "Basically we wanted to get away from tape-based technology. The DV40 employs the UDF file format mode that establishes file compatibility between computer based work stations. The user can select either SDII or BWF (.WAV) as the desired audio format and also choose either 24-bit or 16-bit resolution. You can take your media out of a DV40 and load it right into a Pro Tool based computer editing system without doing any file format conversion."

The DV40 offers internal file conversion between four-track or stereo files and multitrack mono files. File editing modes offer non-destructive edit functions such as Copy, Paste, Insert, Cut and Erase.

It's possible to select between two recording modes, New File and Insert. The Insert mode offers Time Jump UNDO functions supported by time and date. In Tape mode data security for accidental power loss, i.e., previous recording is secured up to the point where the power loss occurred. For back up and archiving a Disc duplicate mode is available by installing an optional hard drive, while Audio file duplicate modes are possible on board.

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