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Walk this world director "Zack Snyder" has been selected at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival with his debut feature film 'Dawn of the Dead'.


Dawn of the dead 2004 Universal Studios

A strange plague

As the United States is turned upside-down by a strange plague-like event in which millions of corpses walk the earth as blood-thirsty zombies (with the recently-deceased that the zombies kill usually returning as zombies themselves, multiplying their number), a small group of survivors of the onslaught, which include a nurse (Polley) and a police officer (Rhames), try to find shelter and protection within a massive shopping mall in the mid-sized city of Everett, WA. What they don't reckon on is that the zombies still have some sort of residual memory, and *everyone* loves going to the mall, right? Realizing that their time is running out, they decide to make another attempt at flight, to a presumably un-zombie-infested island, but to do so, they'll have to get past thousands of zombies in-between...


Photo by Michael Gibson 2004 Universal Studios

Various video clips

Zack Snyder has also directed various video clips for various artists like Heather Nova and Rod Steward.

Below you see a list of video clips that Zack Snyder has done in the past

Videoclips directed by Zack Snyder

Date  Video title  Performer 
1992 - Augustus  Tomorrow  Morrissey 
1992 - October  Somebody to shove  Soul Asylum 
1992 - November  Round of blues  Shawn Colvin 
1993 - January  When you were young  Del Amitri 
1994  Walk this world  Heather Nova 
1995 - June  Leave Virginia alone  Rod Stewart 
1995  I know  Dionne Farris 


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