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My mission

I am currently creating an interactive cd-rom course for the ABN AMRO Bank but I do not know how things will turn out in the future because I do not have a ‘steady' job right now. I do not mind working on different projects and it is fun most of the times. Nevertheless, if you are planning to marry and would like to buy a new house for your husband and children - yes my friend does not have a job at the moment - than you really need a ‘steady' job.

After all: nobody can live from the air that we breathe, we all need some money for basic needs and some extra for luxury that we all want. That is why I have decided to create this personal page because I hope that this page will bring me to the right employer to offer me good opportunities in the future. I do not mind traveling, as a matter fact: I love to travel and I do not mind working outside the Netherlands. Just as long as I can take care of my friend and our children.

You can contact me if you want

My email address is :


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