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Heather Nova live at Shepherd's Bush Empire

Written by Cynthia Fridsma

London, September 30, 2005

I have never been in London before, but when I found out that Heather would do a gig in London with Cellist Nadia Lanman, I decided to contact Andy - who had a spare ticket left - and visit the ‘heart of the UK’: London.

I booked a hotel at Hammersmith and met Andy in the lobby of the hotel at 4:45 P.M. We had a pleasant conversation and then off we go to the Empire Bush. There I met Perry and Massimo and I introduced Andy to them, because Andy had never met the boys before :-), while standing in the cue.

Then the doors opened and we all walked in. Andy ordered a beer for us and then the first act started: Fiona Pears, who happens to be a great violist from New Zealand. Steven Lindsay did the 2nd support act.

The atmosphere at the Empire Bush was great during the support acts and everybody was in a good mood and it became even better when Heather came on Stage. She looked great as always, her voice as beautiful as a singing bird. We all know Heather has a great voice, do not we?

Heather started with the song “Storm” which was great. Hearing Heather sings surely gave me the goose bumps, especially when you know what happened to New Orleans during the hurricane Catherine.

A projector was showing some clouds on the background, while Heather was standing in front of the audience.

After that, she started to play with the band the following songs:
Heart and Shoulder, Motherland, Redbird, Just Been Born, Walk this World, Fool for You, Mesmerized, I miss my Sky - which Fiona Pears supported on the violin - and All I Need.

After that, Nadia Lanman was being introduced by Heather.

Heather explained that she did a lot’s of tours with Nadia including a tour in Japan. We could all see that Heather felt very special about Nadia.

Heather played, on her famous acoustic guitar, supported by Nadia, the following songs:
Doubled Up, My Fidelity, Truth And Bone, and Water From Wine

It sure was great. After Nadia’s guest appearance Heather gave a beautiful bouquet to Nadia.

Than the band returned with Berit on guitar, Laurie on drums, Matt on bass and a new keyboard player, Simon.

Together they did London Rain, Winterblue, Done Drifting, Make you Mine.

Than a short pause. The crowd shouts “Heather Nova”, being a little impatient to see Heather back on stage and we all gets rewarded: Heather played Welcome & Island.

Once again a short pause and then Heather came back on stage, now together with Nadia and ended the show with “I’m on Fire”.

It was a brilliant performance and after the concert we went outside and there I met the webmaster of HeatherNova.NET: Gerd and we talked for a while and than : Heather came around and she signed the flyer you can see next to this article.

What about the weather in London? Now I learned all about London Rain, because it was raining hard. Nevertheless, I never mind the weather because I had the time of my life back in London.

Today I returned to Amsterdam by boat and I am going to see Heather on stage again. This time in Utrecht.

Best regards,


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