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Heather Nova live at the Vredenburg

Written by Cynthia Fridsma

I have seen Heather live on stage twice this year. First I have seen her performance in London, which was brilliant and than I saw her on stage again in my own country, the Netherlands. This time playing at the Vredenburg in Utrecht, which was completely sold-out.

I have to admit that I compared Heather’s brilliant performance in London with the one in Utrecht and though there was no Nadia as a support act, still she was at her best in Utrecht.

When Heather hits the stage, everyone starts to enjoy the sound of the Siren. Heather looked beautiful as always on the stage and she kicked off with Storm, like she also did in London and again it gave me the goose-bumps. I guess that it has something to do with the hurricanes that hit the states last month why Heather’s song Storm gave me the goose-bumps, and the song in combination with Heather’s voice is a pleasure to hear.

After the Storm song, the band members came on stage, with Berit on guitar, Laurie on drums, Matt on bass and Simon. The same lineup as the London gig.

With the band, Heather played Hearth and Shoulder, Motherland, Redbird, Just been Born and the audience clapped in their hands on the first notes of Walk this World on the same rhythm as Laurie did on the drums.

After this classic Heather Nova song, she started with Fool for You, Mesmerized and then Heather explained to the audience the background of her song “I miss the Sky.”
“The next one is about Amelia Earhart, a brave female pilot who flew across the world. Some people think she crash landed on the water, others think that she crash landed on a deserted island where she remained, being unable to fly.”

After Heather’s explanation she started with the song, I miss the Sky. After this beautiful song followed All I Need, The sun will always Rise and Someone New.

Than Heather said something about a sad letter, she received from a girl named Christen - or someone close to that name that I cannot recall right now and she played Walking Higher.

The next songs where I wanna be your Light, London Rain, Winterblue, Done Drifting, Make you Mine. After the first break she did Welcome & Island. After the 2nd break Heather was facing the crowd alone with her acoustic guitar and she played Everytime (she managed to do the whistle by herself).
It was a very good performance but than again: every gig done by Heather is because she always gives herself 100% during a performance that is why Heather is one of the best female performers nowadays and a joy to watch. Let us hope that Heather will have a no. 1 hit on the radio one day :-)



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